Home Inspector Salary

One of the key reasons that home inspectors choose to advertise on hireaninspector.com is to increase their home inspection salary. A home inspector’s salary is always going to be dependent upon the number of home inspections that the inspector performs.

A typical part-time home inspector will perform between two and four home inspections per week. With the average home inspection paying $400, the part-time home inspector salary will be between $41,600 and $83,200 per year. Most part-time home inspectors are either supplementing their retirement or performing home inspections as a secondary source of income.

Full-time home inspectors typically perform between five and ten inspections per week. At an average of $400 per home inspection a full-time home inspector salary can range from $104,000 to $208,000 per year.

How Does A Home Inspector Increase Their Salary?

In addition to increasing the number of home inspections you perform, the best way to increase your salary as a home inspector is to provide extra services for your clients.  Services such as mold inspection, radon inspection, and thermal imaging are just a few of those examples. Schools such as Inspection Certification Associates provide those additional certifications free of charge for their students.

Another way to increase your salary as a home inspector is to list your home inspection business on our website. Hireaninspector.com is the number one directory where real estate agents, buyers, and sellers go to find qualified home inspectors in their area.